A gangplank to golf

  • 1 September 2023
  • Peter Watson

We’re making our golfers walk the gangplank.

No, it’s not the ultimate penalty for playing bad golf, but a novel way to get people and their gear across the Maitai River onto the course without getting their feet wet.

So while we wait for the Nelson City Council to build us a bridge, we now have two ways to ferry golfers across the concrete ford in the river. The gangplank – which is wide enough to take most trundlers and has kickboards to keep them on track – will be used at very low river flow. It sits on blocks in the river but has wheels so can be towed out if the forecast is for rain. If the river is too high to use the gangplank, then we have a vehicle and trailer – which we have been operating successfully for three months – to get people back and forth safely. You ring an old school bell when you want a ride back over the river.

It’s all part of the experience at Waahi Taakaro, where you can expect the unexpected as we bounce back strongly from our flood woes.

Come and join the fun.


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