Cart Use/Hire Policy at NBS Waahi Taakaro Golf Club

Cart use

Anyone 70 and older is entitled to use a cart for a club competition and tournament without the need for a medical certificate. Those under 70 will require a signed medical certificate if they have a disability that prevents them from walking the course. However, if it is a permanent disability they will require only one certificate from their doctor saying so and will not need to renew it. If they have a temporary disability they must produce a certificate from their doctor covering the period of their disability which must include a start and end date. The certificate must be provided to either the club captain, men's convenor or the competition starter prior to play. A copy of all certificates will be kept on file in the club manager/secretary's office.

Subject to availability, carts are free to those club members 80 and older participating in any club competition.

In the event of adverse ground conditions, the final decision on cart use will be determined by the greenkeeper, course manager or match committee. If they are not available, the golf shop staff member will make the call.

Cart hire

All persons who drive any motorised golf cart on the golf course must be at least 18 years old and hold a full car driver's licence. There is a maximum of two persons per cart.

Unless it has been booked through the golf shop or the club secretary/manager, cart use is on a first come, first serve basis. Prompt payment must be made to the golf shop. Carts must be driven carefully and any problems reported immediately. When finished the user must return them to the locked area and make sure the key is removed and returned to the shop and they are plugged in so they can recharge.