About NBS Waahi Taakaro Golf Club

Our strategic plan states the following:

OUR VISION: To provide enjoyable and affordable golf at Nelson’s most welcoming club.

OUR MISSION: To promote the growth and development of the club and ensure its long-term financial viability for the benefits of all present and future members.


  • Loyalty and commitment to the club and its best interests
  • High standards of integrity and honesty
  • Openness and inclusiveness
  • Transparent and democratic decision-making
  • High standards of service

Golf for us is about having fun with your friends in a fantastic place.

Our members are friendly, down to earth and come from all walks of life and new members can expect a warm welcome and introduction.

The club, which averages more than 250 members throughout the year, employs a manager for 30 hours a week and three staff to run the golf shop on behalf of the Nelson City Council.

Our club is governed by a management committee headed by our president Paul Tunnicliff and vice president Grant Fergusson and meets monthly. A golf committee headed by club captain Peter Green oversee things to do with the game.

Our club leaders welcome and value your feedback and encourage your participation in club affairs and activities. We endeavour to keep you informed through weekly emails, newsletters, an annual questionnaire and our website and Facebook page. Check the noticeboards and information table in the clubrooms for updates. 


Management Committee    
President: Paul Tunnicliff  0273613770 tunnicliffpaul1@gmail.com
Vice president: Grant Fergusson 0274387545 grant.fergusson@hotmail.com
Club captain: Peter Green 0212303599 peterg@cheerful.com
Lloyd Moyle 0212172748 landsmoyle@gmail.com
Stephen Russell 0223146602 steve.russell@fultonhogan.com
Keri Kotua 0276961543 kerigplf113@gmail.com
Club manager: Tony Lewis 0212875515 lewistony2@gmail.com>
Clubhouse/manager’s office  03 5487771 waahitaakaro@xtra.co.nz
Caretaker: Jonathan Tuheke 03 5480902  
Golf Shop 03 5487301 waahitaakaroproshop@golf.co.nz

Golf Committee: Peter Green (chair), Tom Kennedy, Keri Kotua, Warren Carey, Maurice Woodhouse, Garth Jameson.

Sloan Selectors: Maurice Woodhouse and Keri Kotua

Old Hickory selectors: Ian Hanford 

Match Committee:  This shall consist of any Golf Committee members present on the day or any member asked to advise.

(a) All competitions shall be played on the dates laid down, unless stated otherwise. However the match committee shall have the rights to alter or vary the programme.

(b) When play offs are required all players shall be on the specified tee within the specified time as laid down by the match committee. All disputes arising from matches must be referred to the match committee at the earliest possible opportunity and no later than the completion of the match. 

Handicap Committee

(a) A handicap committee is the committee of a golf club that ensures compliance with the NZG Handicap System, including peer review. The Golf Committee of the club shall fulfil this function. A majority of the handicap committee must be members of the golf club. Club employees may serve on the handicap committee, but an employee may not serve as chairman. Any golf club using the NZG Handicap System is required to have a handicap committee.

(b) The handicap committee shall verify that all acceptable scores are reported for handicap purposes, and that recorded scores are available for peer review.

Course Management 

The course is maintained and managed by the Nelson City Council so any queries or suggestions related to the course must be passed on to the club manager in the first instance or a member of the management or golf committee. These should be in writing or email. It will be then up to the club's representatives on the Greens committee to decide whether to raise such matters with Nelson City Council and Nelmac representatives at the monthly meetings.