Another Ryder Cup victory

  • 21 January 2018
  • Peter Watson

Waahi Taakaro thrashed Nelson on Sunday to retain the annual Ryder Cup and extend its overall lead to 4-1.

In hot conditions on an under-prepared home course, Waahi Taakaro dominated for the outset and cruised to a 19 1/2 to 4 1/2 win in the 27-hole challenge over three different formats (pairs alternate shot, pairs 4-ball best ball nett and individual match play).

The visitors never came to grips with the slow greens and long rough which put accuracy and patience at a premium. 

Three of our team's pairings won all four of their matches - Andrew Woolley/Peter Watson (senior), Geoff Halkett/Maurice Woodhouse (intermediate) and Bryan Ramsay/Phil Sellers (junior). 

Steve Russell/Alan Church (junior) won three and lost one match, Paul McCrae/Jonathan Tuheke (intermediate) won two, drew one and lost one, while Rob Williams/Keri Kotua (senior) won two and lost two.

The home players also dominated the twos, with Steve Russell, Bryan Ramsay, Jonathan Tuheke, Andrew Woolley and Maurice Woodhouse grabbing one each, while Nelson's Chris Allen also notched one.

One of the more notable feats was Andrew Woolley's three consecutive birdies to snatch a win on the last hole of his 4-ball best ball match.

Prizegiving and a barbecue capped off a gruelling day's golf.

Thanks to those who helped out.






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