Club results for March 14, 2020

  • 15 March 2020
  • Peter Watson

There was some exceptional scoring in the first round of the Cap-it-all Promotions Trophy on Saturday (March 14).

Played in glorious Autumn conditions off the blue tees, Steve Turnell and Lindsay Brooks - back from a stint playing bowls - proved the perfect couple in combining to shoot a 14-under par nett 58. While Steve provided most of the fireworks, Lindsay was an ideal foil in the best ball four ball first-round format.

They will take a three shot lead into the second and final round - an individual nett again off the blue tees - next Saturday (March 21).

Trying to chase them down will be Jonathan Tuheke and Keri Kotua who carded a nett 61, with both of the bros helping their cause with birdies at the par 3s.

Phil Sellers and Mike Murphy remain well in contention after finishing third on 62, as do Steve Chetham and Jim McMullan who had a good day with 65.

Fifth are Richard Pearson and Peter Watson - who shot a 76 off the stick with three birdies - on 66.

Not out of it are Dean Goodman and Aaron Kotua who carded a 68.

Next were Dave Blake and Maurice Woodhouse and Bryan Ramsey and Rod Thomason with 69 apiece. They were followed by Warwick King and Winton Griggs and Lewis Wilson and Rangi Kohe with 70s and Tom Weiss and Paul McCrae with 71. Bringing up the rear were Warren Carey and Terry Hemi with 73.

Six players - Phil Sellers, Rod Thomason, Steve Turnell, Jonathan Tuheke, Keri Kotua and Peter Watson - shared to twos money.


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