Competition conditions

  • 21 April 2017
  • NBS Waahi Taakaro Golf Club


C & F Legal Club Championships: Top 8 gross scores in each grade qualify for match play. All subsequent matches are 18 hole match play off the stick with the finals played over 36 holes; except for 18 holes for Junior B grade.

Club Championships qualifying: 3 rounds to play, best 2 rounds to qualify played on specified days.

Total Golf Maitai Masters: 27 hole stroke play. Handicap limit 24 to apply, sudden death play off if required.

Cap-it-all Promotions Trophy: Played over 2 rounds, select own partners. First round 4-ball best ball. Second round individual stroke play with aggregate score to count towards trophy. Sudden death play off if required.

Individual Matchplay Trophy: To be played on handicap. All matches to be played on specified days.

C&F Legal Stroke: Played over two rounds with both scores counting towards the stroke trophy. Best nett over all grades.

Worley Trophy: 18 hole stroke play on handicap. Participants must be 55 years or older on the day of competition. Putt off if required.

Brebde Senior / Junior: Matchplay on handicap with drawn partners. All matches to be played on specified days.

Barkman Trophy: To be played during the winter season on all rounds where there is no match-play competition. Points are awarded to all players from the Match of the Day rankings.

Player of the year: Points awarded to players over all men’s competitions, except the Worley Trophy, over the course of the season. The winner is the person who has the most points.

Shootout: Best 10 rounds to count towards ranking table based off nett scores on the day, with top 10 qualifiers playing a 9-hole knockout to decide the winner.

Fedex Cup: Played over the summer season and points awarded as per the Barkman trophy.

Eclectic Rounds: 2 comps; one for summer and one for winter. The lowest nett scores on each hole played over every competition round during each season are totalled to form an 18 hole score for each player. The lowest nett 18 hole score over the season wins.


Laurie Ashby Trophy: three 9-hole rounds of stableford, with each 9 holes to be played on the front or back nine as they fall. Putt off if required.

Polly Pearce Memorial Trophy: Six net 9-hole rounds played on a Thursday each month, commencing in March. The best four rounds are to count with each 9 holes to be played on either the front or back 9 wherever they fall. Putt off if required.

Langley Trophy: Two 9-hole rounds played in pairs under Par conditions with score aggregated, with one 9-hole round to be played on the front nine and the second 9-hole round on the back nine. Putt off if required.

About NBS Waahi Taakaro Golf Club

Welcome to NBS Waahi Taakaro Golf Club, the friendliest and most affordable golf club in Nelson. Visit our relaxing piece of paradise in the picturesque Maitai Valley, less than 10 minutes from the centre of the city.

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