Golden Oldies Update February 2018

  • 22 February 2018
  • NBS Waahi Taakaro Golf Club

Well here we go again, another weather event to keep us away from the Maitai Valley. It does look to be improving for the Maitai Masters this coming weekend, February 25th and if you have some spare time to help with this event please contact Rob Willems or Gordon at the Club office.

As I have been away for quite a while there are some gaps in my knowledge of what has or hasn’t been happening. Seems that when it has been fine numbers have been good on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, 29 last week ,the 15th Feb. I have heard that both Jack Denton and John Gibbon played well at two different events at the Nelson Club, well done gentlemen. If there is someone else I’ve not mentioned let me know and you will get a mention next time around.

Ages ago we had the Xmas Lunch attended by 40 people, really good to see you there especially recently “retired” players like Allen Clarke and Duncan Urghart. It was good to give the Prince Albert some support as they are the sponsors of the 7th Hole.

Tom Kennedy John Shaw and myself have been hoping to raise the idea of some form of 9 hole match play competition for the Golden Oldies but as none of us has been in the same place at the same time it hasn’t been mentioned. If you have any thoughts about this idea, how it could be run or even if we should include one in our programme please let your thoughts be known to any one of us.

The next round of the Nelson District Mixed Vets is on March 5th at Totaradale. If you wish to be entered into the comp let me know before the 27th Feb as I will be away again and the field is limited to 72. If you are not a member of that Association $ 12 dollars fixes that and gets you the chance to play the rest of those comps throughout the year.

Our Clubs Mixed Open Vets event scheduled for last Monday, the 19th Feb was cancelled in some part due to the lack of support from within our own club and the current situation / condition of the course, namely the closing of the 18th Green for much needed and long overdue repair work. The next one is scheduled for April so you can expect to hear from both Pat and myself about that one!

The Saturday afternoon 9 Hole comp is up and running again and is open to any and everyone with time on their hands from 1pm for a 1.30 tee time. Entries are being handled by the Shop if I don’t happen to be around. The same applies to the Tuesday afternoon comp, register over at the shop for that as well,12.30 for 1pm tee time.

See you on the Course, Richard Pearson.

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