Leatai Shield reclaimed

  • 13 October 2018
  • Peter Watson

The Leatai Shield is back hanging on our clubroom wall after we gave the Blenheim Club team a good spanking at home on Saturday (Oct 13).

A admirable contingent of 17 men and women made the trip across the Wangamoa Hill for our annual challenge match but they never adjusted to our slow and bumpy greens, with the Waahi Taakaro team cantering to an easy win in the Irish stableford format played off the white tees. We averaged 71.45 points while Blenheim could only manage 60.17 and only two players in the top 15.

That means we reclaim the shield - which has been played for from 1983 to 2002 before resuming again in 2016. In each of the last three years the home side has triumphed, with Blenheim hopeful of taking it back when we play there next year.

Our club president Pat Melville led from the front with a top score of 85 points followed by Warwick King (84), Elton Netto (83), Warren Carey (82), C Aitchison (79), Alan Church (79), Ian Handford (78), B Arthur (77) and Maurice Woodhouse (76) with Jack Denton (76) making up the top ten.

Paul Tunnifcliff and Rob Willems scored the only twos of the day.

The day doubled as an Eagles Society visit. We thank them and our Blenheim friends for their attendance, Helen Thorne and Siew McGougan for preparing a hearty afternoon tea and those who helped out behind the bar, with raffles and doing the scorecards to make it a successful day.



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