Maitai Masters 2019 draw

  • 5 April 2019
  • Peter Watson

Provisional draw for the Maitai Masters  on Saturday April 6


Tee off: 8.30am

Course/competition rules briefing: 8.10am

Report to starter at golf shop by 7.50am to pay if you haven’t already and to collect your scorecard

No 1

First off:  D Riordan, M Newport, N Thomsen, E Clarke

Second off: J Lee, D Hall, S Russell, C Sharland

Third off: T Hemi, G Spanjer, M Lowrie, P Havill

No 2

First off: R Willems, M Gardiner, B Baker, M McDonald

Second off: B Crabb, A Woolley, K Wilson, A Hunter

No 3

First off: J Campion, B Hale, C Winter, S Faifua

Second off: E Netto, P Melville, T Meleisea, G Thorn

No 4

First off: P Watson, A Tasker, D Barron, G Davidson

Second off: P Tunnicliff, J Becker, N Thomson, J Tuheke

No 5

First off: M Woodhouse, M Costello, I Fettes, D Blake

Second off: T Weiss, P McCrae, H Fischer, P Suan

No 6

First off: R Tiare, G Lang, K Wilkinson, K Kotua

Second off: I Archibald, A Kotua, S Hassan, H Evans

No 7

First off: G Hateley, M Milne, R O’Connor, R Pearson

Second off: L Wilson, R Kohe, T Appleman, S Lang

No 8

First off: M Inwood, Z Lyttle, A Simpson, S Parle

Second off: M Murphy, P Sellers, B Evans, I Bridgen

No 9

First off: B Vincent, A Isle, T Hamilton, D Goodman

Second off: W Carey, M Rennie, G Herbert, A Church


NOTE: This draw may be subject to minor changes once we know who has turned up and paid entries are confirmed, but will be read out by the starter before the commencement of play.




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