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Shootout update

With eight rounds of the Shootout completed, competition is hotting up for the top 10 playoff positions.

There are four or possibly five more rounds to go before the final on November 2, with a player's best eight nett scores averaged to find the 10 lowest qualifiers. Players must play eight rounds to be eligible for the final.

The points table as at August 24 after eight completed rounds is (with the number of rounds each player has completed in brackets) :

1st, Graham Eggers 73.50 (6)

2nd, Dave Blake 73.66 (6)

3rd, Andy Isle 73.83 (6)

4th, Rob Willems 74 (5)

5th, Keri Kotua 74.16 (6)

6th, Paul Tunnicliff 74.66 (6)

7th, Dean Goodman 75 (7)

8th,  Peter Watson 75.57 (7)

9th, Maurice Woodhouse 75.85 (7)

10th, Jonathan Tuheke  76.25 (4)

11th, Aaron Kotua  77.50 (4)

12th Steve Russell 78.28 (7)

13th Elton Netto 78.83 (6)

14th Jason Lee 80.50 (4) 


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