Special general meeting on Nov 10 to discuss new constitution

  • 29 October 2018
  • Peter Watson

Dear club member,

For the last few months our lawyer Robert Styles, past president Peter Watson and your management committee have been working on modernising our club constitution.

We have done this because we believe our current constitution is outdated and no longer fit for purpose.

It was written when we were a much bigger club – we had  300 plus members in our heyday and three active divisions (men’s, women’s and Golden Oldies). 

Today we are less than half that size and are struggling to get people to volunteer for positions and jobs so we need to simplify things while making it easier for people to have their say and get involved.

In short, it means we need fewer committees but to make sure that those we have are more effective and encourage people to work together.

The new constitution, which we hope members will adopt at a special annual meeting on Saturday November 10, uses clearer language and updates how clubs are now run based on advice from Sport NZ, NZ Golf and other golf clubs.

The main changes from the old constitution are:

 1) Making it clear that the Management Committee is the governing body of the club and all decisions by other committees of the Club must be endorsed by it. Our current constitution has been interpreted as giving almost independent powers to our other committees, which has led to misunderstandings between different sections of the club and the management committee.
 2) Doing away with all other club committees (ie men’s, Golden Oldies and women’s) and replacing them with one Golf Committee comprising appointees from each section. This is aimed at getting people to work better together.
 3) Removing the need for a certain number of Management Committee members to come from each section and doing away with a limited term (3 years) for a President and Vice President. We need the best and most willing people to serve without restrictions, particularly when it is so difficult to attract them.
 4) Being able to elect a Patron who isn’t necessarily a club member. This would allow us to target more high profile and well connected people to promote the club.
 5) Allowing for a Financial Reviewer (a cheaper option) rather than an Auditor.
 6) Expanding and stating more clearly the objects of the club.
 7) Stating more clearly the financial powers of the Management Committee, how funds are to be handled, and when matters are to be referred to a general meeting for approval.
 8) Allowing for proxy and postal voting.
 9) Bringing the AGM forward so it is no later than September 30 so it is closer to end of financial year on March 31.
 10) Making it clearer what category of memberships have voting and standing-for-office rights ie full playing, life and honorary members, but not junior, limited or social members.
 11) Simplifying the process for terminating a person’s membership and leaving it solely in the hands of the Management Committee.
 12) Setting out clearly the duties of club officers, including the president and secretary manager, and what should happen at the AGM or a special general meeting.

We have attached a copy of the suggested new constitution for you to read so you can familiarise yourself with what we are proposing before the special general meeting at 9am on November 10 in the clubrooms to discuss and vote on it. If you want to compare it with what the old constitution says then visit the clubrooms where you will find one pinned to the noticeboard.

We urge all club members to attend this important meeting.

If you have any questions before this meeting please send them into our secretary manager  Gordon Davidson, who can be contacted at 5487771 or waahitaakaro@xtra.co.nz, who will arrange for the appropriate person to provide you with an answer.

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