Stubberfield Cup victor found

  • 4 August 2018
  • Peter Watson

Elton Netto is this year's Stubberfield Cup winner after clinching the trophy by winning the fifth and final round of the nett plus putts competition on Saturday (August 4).

With the best three scores counting, Elton totalled 292, six ahead of Lewis Wilson in second place and  nine in front of third-place getter Dean Goodman.

It is a continuation of Elton's good season where he has performed with distinction in both the Sloan Trophy and Old Hickory.

The top ten finishers were:-

Elton Netto 292

Lewis Wilson 298

Dean Goodman 301

Maurice Woodhouse 303

Steve Russell 305

Jonathan Tuheke 307

Keri Kotua 309

Rod Thomason 309

Gordon Davidson 313

Mike Savage 316

Terry Hemi 316


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