Tunnicliff cleans up

  • 25 November 2018
  • Peter Watson

Paul Tunnicliff almost needed a suitcase to take home all the trophies he won this year, which culminated with him deservedly being named player of the year at our annual prize-giving on Saturday (November 24).

The modest and quietly spoken mid-handicapper had a year to remember. He won the C & F Legal Junior A club championship, the Junior A stroke play title, the C & Legal overall stroke play and the season-long Barkman Trophy as well as coming second in the Brebde senior/junior with Alan Muir. As a result, he ended up easily winning the player of the year trophy by more than 100 points from Terry Hemi.

He was also a solid performer in our Old Hickory team.

Others who were either multiple winners or runners-up during the year were Bryce Vincent, Keri Kotua, Terry Hemi, Andy Isle, Elton Netto, Rob Willems and Alan Muir.

The full list of winners and runners-up  for 2018 was as follows:

Worley Trophy: John McGougan.

Cap-It-All Promotions Trophy: Alan Muir & Terry Hemi, 1; Bryan Ramsey & Rod Thomason, 2 equal with Steve Russell & Rob Willems.

Individual Matchplay Trophy: Pat Melville, 1; Mike Murphy, 2.

Brebde Senior/Junior: Gordon Davidson & Terry Hemi, 1; Paul Tunnicliff & Alan Muir, 2.

Stubberfield Cup: Elton Netto, 1; Lewis Wilson, 2.

C & F Legal Stroke Play: Paul Tunnifcliff, 1; Bryce Vincent, 2.

Senior Stroke Play: Keri Kotua, 1; Andy Isle, 2.

Intermediate Stroke Play: Bryce Vincent, 1; Jason Lee, 2.

Junior A Stroke Play: Paul Tunnicliff, 1; Paul McCrae, 2.

Junior B Stroke Play: Andrew Craig, 1; Tom Weiss, 2.

C & F Legal Club Champs

Senior: Keri Kotua, 1; Andy Isle, 2.

Intermediate: Byrce Vincent, 1; Terry Hemi 2.

Junior A: Paul Tunnicliff, 1; Jonathan Tuheke, 2.

Junior B: Ian Handford, 1; Warren Carey, 2.

Barkman Trophy: Paul Tunnifcliff, 1; Elton Netto, 2.

Shootout: Dean Goodman, 1; Rob Willems, 2.

Player of the Year Medal: Paul Tunnicliff, 1; Terry Hemi, 2.

Congratulations to all prizewinners and thanks to all those who took part in our various competitions during the season.

The final top ten Player of the Year points table was:

Paul Tunnicliff 388, 1; Terry Hemi 274, 2; Kerry Kotua 258, 3; Bryce Vincent 240, 4; Pat Melville 182, 5; Jonathan Tuheke 175, 6; Dean Goodman 171, 7; Andy Isle 169, 8; Ian Handford 167, 9; Paul McCrae 163, 10.


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