Tunnicliff does the treble

  • 15 November 2020
  • Peter Watson

Paul Tunnicliff's appetite for success shows no sign of abating.

Fresh from winning the Champion of Champions intermediate crown last week, he was at it again on Saturday (Nov 14).

As a member of Ali's Allstars, he took out the traditional Closing Day ambrose before being named the club's Player of the Year at the annual prize-giving afterwards for an astonishing third year in a row.

He was made to work hard for it though, with Richard Pearson and Lindsay Brooks just 15 points behind and Barry Rhodes even closer at 12.5 points away from Paul's winning total of 150 points.

In the end, it was Paul's countback win in the Six-Hole Challenge to go with his second straight victory in the intermediate division of the Club Champs that got him over the line.

It was a fitting reward for one of the club's most active volunteers and loyal members.

Nine teams contested the ambrose which was played on a lovely spring day. Ali's Allstars - made up of Paul, Ali Garnett, Leigh Webster and Peter Watson - won a tight race with a nett 60.50 after shooting 72 off the stick with three birdies and three bogies. Second were Hopgood & Co (Ray Hopgood, John Shaw, Richard Pearson and Tom Kennedy) with 61.250, while Bro Fessionals (Keri Kotua, Jonathan Tuheke, Dean Goodman, Lewis Wilson) were third with 62.625. Brad Crabb was voted best dressed golfer.

Thanks go to our president John Towns for cooking a BBQ meal for everyone before helping present trophies and cups at prize-giving.

The full list of winners for 2019-20 is:

Summer competitions:

Burns Philp; Bryan Ramsey 1st, Dave Blake 2nd

Penketh Plate; Lewis Wilson 1st, Steve Turnell 2nd

Stubberfield Cup; Jim McMullan 1st, Paul Tunnicliff 2nd

Pat Melville Memorial; Warren Carey 1st, Mike Murphy 2nd

Summer Fedex; Jim McMullan 1st, Lewis Wilson 2nd 

Winter competitions:

Cap-it-all Promotions Trophy; Richard Pearson & Peter Watson 1st, Lindsay Brooks & Steve Turnell 2nd

Brebde senior/junior; Not played because of Covid 19 lockdown

Six Hole Challenge; Paul Tunnicliff 1st, Richard Pearson 2nd

Shootout; Peter Watson 1st, Paul Tunnicliff (top qualifier) 2nd

Barkman Trophy; Aaron Kotua 1st, Maurice Woodhouse 2nd

Individual Matchplay; Paul McCrae 1st, Andy Isle 2nd

C&F Legal Stroke; Richard Pearson 1st, Lindsay Brooks 2nd

Junior B Stroke; Barry Rhodes 1st, Warren Carey 2nd

Junior A Stroke; Alan Church 1st, Ian Hanford 2nd

Intermediate Stroke; Richard Pearson 1st, Lindsay Brooks 2nd

Senior stroke; Dean Goodman 1st, Keri Kotua 2nd

C&F Legal Club champs

Junior B; Barry Rhodes 1st, Steve Turnell 2nd

Junior A; Lewis Wilson 1st, Aaron Kotua 2nd

Intermediate; Paul Tunnicliff 1st, Lindsay Brooks 2nd

Senior; Dean Goodman 1st, Keri Kotua 2nd

Player of the Year; Paul Tunnicliff 1st, Barry Rhodes 2nd

Player of the Year top 10 points table: Paul Tunnicliff 150, Barry Rhodes 137.5, Richard Pearson/Lindsay Brooks 135, Dean Goodman/Aaron Kotua 112.5, Paul McCrae/Lewis Wilson 110, Steve Turnell 95, Keri Kotua 90

Summer Fedex top 10 points table: Jim McMullan 80, Lewis Wilson 70, Steve Turnell/Bryan Ramsey/Peter Watson 50, Richard Pearson 40, Paul Tunnicliff/Dave Blake/Lindsay Brooks 25, Paul McCrae/Tom Weiss 20

Barkman Trophy top 10 points table: Aaron Kotua 41, Maurice Woodhouse/Barry Rhodes 32, Paul McCrae 31, Richard Pearson/Alan Church 29, Paul Tunnicliff 27, Tom Weiss 24, Dave Blake 23, Steve Russell/Keri Kotua 20 





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